My experience working at Groww

About Groww

There’s just one right way

Groww is a financial platform that provides a new way to invest money through stockbroking and direct mutual funds. The user interface is designed to make investing simple, accessible, transparent, and paperless, allowing users to invest in mutual funds without difficulty.

Groww Offerings

Mutual Funds
Fixed Deposits

Groww assists investors in the following ways:

  • By being open about the fees associated with an investment product
  • By highlighting any red flags found in the products
  • By offering an objective assessment of the items accessible on Groww
  • By explicitly displaying the risk associated with purchasing a product

About My Role

I am currently working as a software developer engineer in test (SDET) intern. I work in both development and testing roles equally and effectively. I am an integral part of the entire software development and testing process.

What I’m currently working on

  • Developing a Slack app/plugin to automate the Jira issue creation process, which the entire Groww dev team will use. It would facilitate bug tracking and analysis, hence increasing team efficiency.
  • Contributed significantly to the development of the integration suite, which is used to test software products in development. Every day, I add new test cases to the software and collaborate closely with development in tracking bugs, determining their source, and designing a fix.

About Slack

Making your work life easier, more enjoyable, and more productive.

Slack transforms the way businesses communicate by bringing people together to work as one unified team. Slack is a business messaging app that connects people to the information they require. Slack is used by the majority of teams for communication and information sharing, making it an essential tool in any development environment. It provides several plugins/apps with a wide range of features and functionality that aid developers in their work and make their lives easier, and I am working on one such plugin/app/bot.

About Jira

Be the change you seek.

Jira Software is part of a suite of products designed to assist teams of all sizes in managing their workload. Jira was originally intended to be a bug and issue tracker. Jira has evolved into a powerful work management tool for all types of use cases, ranging from requirements and test case management to agile software development. Jira issues are the most basic component of any Jira-managed project, and the bot I’m developing will automate the Jira issue creation process from Slack.

The Slack/Jira App

The slack bot/app that I am building would automatically create a Jira issue (ticket) under the designated project board on a trigger action (which can be configured by the user) that occurred on a slack channel This eliminates the need for manual supervision and, as a result, improves team efficiency by allowing for better bug tracking and analysis. In the future, I plan to expand the functionality of this bot/plugin and integrate it with other popular developer tools like Git-Hub and Bitbucket.

App development tools

Code Editor
Programming Language
Cloud Platform

The Integration Suite

The Integration Suite is software that tests currently being developed products. It performs thorough testing by testing various aspects of products and simulating real-world scenarios by accessing the appropriate APIs. It is an essential part of the development process because any new changes to the production code must first pass through the integration suite before being merged. I am a major contributor to the integration suite code, having contributed over 7000 lines of code to its development to date.

Tools that I am working with

Integrated Development Environment
Programming Language
Source Code Repository

Will continue this learning journey

I’ve had a fantastic experience working at Groww over the last few months and have learned a lot. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work here and intend to continue my learning adventure at Groww for as long as I can.



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